Bitcoin Staking Protocol


Bitcoin Staking Protocol


Bitcoin Staking Protocol


Bitcoin Staking Protocol


Unlocking 21 Million Bitcoins to Secure the Decentralized Economy

Proof-of-stake (PoS) security is extremely capital-intensive: enormous capital needs to be staked to secure it. On the other hand, the largest crypto asset, the 21 million bitcoins, are mostly idle and unencumbered. Why not harnessing the idle bitcoins to bolster the economic security of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chains and decentralized apps (Dapps)?


An Impossible Mission?

Bitcoin network only has a scripting language with limited expressiveness (i.e., no Turing-complete smart contract), which prevents it from understanding any off-Bitcoin-chain events. Thus, to have utility outside the Bitcoin network, the bitcoins have to be wrapped, bridged, or sent to a third-party custody. None of them is secure: they all need trust on a third-party. This is why most of the bitcoins are idle. Securely utilizing them to protect the decentralized economy seems a mission impossible.


Babylon’s Bitcoin Staking Protocol: Trustless, Secure, and Fast

The key to PoS security is to slash the stake if the staker attacks the PoS chain. Babylon uses cutting-edge cryptographic technologies such as extract one-time signature (EOTS) to convert slashable PoS attacks to spendable Bitcoin UTXOs for burning. This primitive, together with Bitcoin’s native time-lock, allows bitcoin holders to stake their bitcoins and participate in PoS security by simply locking their bitcoins on Bitcoin network. No third party is involved, and the bitcoins are secure as long as the staker does not attack the PoS chains. Babylon also applies the most advanced Bitcoin timestamping protocol to enable tight synchronization between Bitcoin and PoS chains, which allows fast unbonding of the staked bitcoins.


Babylon’s Bitcoin Staking Protocol: A Modular and Scalable Two-Sided Market

Babylon's bitcoin staking protocol creates a two-sided market and acts as the control plane of the market. Bitcoin holders can securely lock their bitcoins and choose which PoS chain(s) to stake for and earn yields from. PoS chains and dApps can opt-in to bitcoin-backed security and enjoy high security, healthy economics, and broader adoption. The protocol is modular and can secure any PoS chain. It also enables scalable restaking for bitcoin holders.

Babylon's Shared Security Protocol

Bitcoin Staking


Say goodbye to the risk of bridging, wrapping, or pegging your Bitcoin.

What happens on Bitcoin, stays on Bitcoin

Trustless staking

No bridging. No custodians. Full freedom.

Scalable restaking

One stake, multiple yields

Fast unbonding

Your Bitcoin, your rules. Unbond when you want.


Complete security against PoS attacks.

Modular design

The perfect plug-in for every PoS chain.

Bitcoin Timestamping Protocol

We trace our genesis to a transformative research paper on Bitcoin security, an original work co-authored by our co-founders, David Tse and Fisher Yu, and co-authors. Their combined intellect and foresight have set the cornerstone of Babylon.

In a testament to our dedication to advancing the field, our research paper has been accepted by the highly-respected 2023 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy - a significant global platform for security discourse. 

Babylon: Scaling Bitcoin to Secure the Decentralised Economy

Leveraging the 3 facets of Bitcoin, Babylon is developing three innovative security-sharing protocols: Bitcoin Staking Protocol, Bitcoin Timestamping Protocol, and Bitcoin Data Availability Protocol.

Bitcoin Timestamping Protocol

The Bitcoin Timestamping Protocol enables fast stake unbonding, composable trust, reduced cost of security, cross-chain security, and bootstrapping new chains by combining the long-range security of Proof-of-Work Bitcoin with the short-range security of Proof-of-Stake chains.