Chief of Memes

At Babylon, we’ve crafted the perfect protocols. Secure. Self-custodial. Scalable. However, a good protocol is only as good as its memes. We’re in need of someone who can cook new memes and deliver them with the perfect punchline, someone highly creative & adept with the tools — is it you?

We’re looking for 3 Chief of Memes!

If you think you’re a master-craftsman of virality and a top-ranking memelord of your generation — read on!


We’re embarking on the ultimate quest, seeking three talented Chiefs of Memes to transform the crypto market into a laughter riot! If you’re a social media wizard with a passion for bitcoin, crypto, and all things quirky, this is the gig for you! Create an exquisite meme 🤌 on any of the following topics to instigate madness:

  1. Babylon’s Self-custodial BTC Staking

  2. Extractable One-Time Signature (EOTS)

  3. Slashing

  4. Babylon’s impact on Bitcoin Ecosystem


🏆Prize: Three winners will be anointed as Chief of Meme’s and the prize 1 Million Satoshis each!

👑Glory: Our Chiefs of Memes will be featured at the Babylonian Hall of Fame.