Chief of Memes

At Babylon, we’ve crafted the perfect protocols. Secure. Trustless. Scalable. Decentralized. However, a good protocol is only as good as its memes, and unfortunately, ours are trash. We’re in need of someone who can rescue us from the abyss of cringe, someone adept with the lasso thingy on Photoshop

.P.S. we’re actually looking for 3 Chief of Memes..


Money: 3 Million Satoshis — each Chief of Memes will become a Satoshi Millionaire!

Glory: Our Chiefs of Memes will be featured at the Babylonian Hall of Fame.

We’re embarking on the ultimate quest, seeking three talented Chiefs of Memes to transform the crypto market into a laughter riot! Evidently, this is how people prefer to absorb new information. If you’re a social media wizard with a passion for bitcoin, crypto, and all things quirky, this is the gig for you!